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We all love using our boats, whether it is over a weekend, those long summer holidays or the Easter break but usually it’s straight back to work and the boat doesn’t get cleaned.

Let Boat Detailing Adelaide take the hassle out of cleaning your boat give us a call 0411 295 166 or ask for a quote

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We will come to your home or work and you do not have to be there.

Boat Detailing Adelaide will come and do the detailing and then phone you for payment when the boat detailing is completed. You can pay by Cash, Credit Card, EFT or Zip pay

Boat Detailing Adelaide is a specialist boat and yacht detailing service covering the Adelaide Metropolitan from Gawler to Mannum to Goolwa. Boat Detailing Adelaide also will travel to detail boats and the yacht’s on the York Peninsula and the River Murray but travel expenses may be incurred. Boat Detailing Adelaide offers a large range of detailing, cleaning and polishing services across the full range of yachts, motorboats, ski boats, speed boats, runabouts, houseboats jet skis and any other vessel that floats.

Boat maintenance is important if you want to maintain the resell price of your vessel. The exterior of most boats are exposed to the elements and sit in the water continuously. The hull needs to be cleaned and waxed/polished, regularly and Boat Detailing Adelaide recommend that the exterior of your boat or vessel is polished at least every two years.

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To detail all vessels – from Jet ski’s to large yachts and houseboats – takes knowledge experience and a diverse range of equipment and cleaning materials. With larger vessels, household cleaning equipment is required but the machinery needs to be of commercial quality. Similarly when polishing the hull of the boat special marine wax is required and the buff machine operator needs to know what he is doing especially with fibreglass services.

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Interior detailing services vary greatly purely because of the diversity of the different types of boats /vessel detailed. When detailing speed boats, wake-boats and smaller vessels the same equipment and detailing products are used as when detailing cars. But depending on the level of service there are surface protection products that are manufactured particularly for boat detailing.

When detailing houseboats or bigger yachts the cleaning equipment and cleaning products used for commercial cleaning are used. Often with houseboats, there are cleaning deadlines and Boat Detailing Adelaide are able to meet these deadlines because they can send a team of boat detailers-cleaners

Bacterial and fungus cleaning is often required for interior detailing of boats because they are continuously exposed to water and often the interiors are left locked for long periods of time and so there is little fresh air making ideal conditions for fungus growth. When removing fungus it is important to use products that will inhibit regrowth.

What’s included:
Remove all rubbish | Vacuum seats, all floors and carpets | Carpet shampoo seats and carpets | Leather clean seats (if leather) | Clean & sanitize all surfaces | Clean door seals | Clean/dry door jams | Clean inside & outside of all windows | Use silicon sealant where required | Add deodoriser spray plus hang a complementary card deodoriser

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There are many types of detailing required for boats and detailing of boats and restoration of boats the services often get confused. Boat Detailing Adelaide specialise in fibreglass and aluminium hulled boats and don’t cater for wooden boat restoration. Boat Detailing Adelaide are specialist’s in the polishing of hulls and the advantage they offer is they have multiple teams of detailers and they can send more than one detailer to polish your boat.

  • Pre-wash rinse using high-pressure water cleaner
  • Apply detergent to all surfaces via hand or mop
  • Rinse using high-pressure water cleaner
  • Dry using mop microfiber cloth
  • Bilge cleaning is also available upon application
  • Engine cleaning is also available upon application

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boat detailing adelaide - Exterior detail


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Waxing is a key maintenance function for boat owners. A hull waxed by professional’s is most likely to reducing drag, lifting your boat’s speed. Preserve the hull and keep a high shine by waxing regularly. Maintaining the high shine will not only extend your boat’s life but maintain the boat’s value.


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Boat Detailing Adelaide polish lots of boats which keeps boats looking like new. Polishing can give the boat a brand new, shiny appearance that boat owners covet. A lot of boats are moored for extended periods and exposed to the corrosive effect of saltwater and bad weather. Regular Polishing protects the boat from nature ad keeps the re-sale price high.


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